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Scarlet Dahlia

There is nothing special about dominating the weak.  Any bully can do that.  But, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a strong, independent woman choose to serve you, please you, to give herself, body and soul, completely to you.  Only a true dominant can earn such a gift.  *Unknown

Recently, we have had a jump in the number of people following Sir and I on Facebook and here when I blog. We love that we can share our journey with others. Sir and I are not about the numbers. We simply felt that this was a good way to share with each other. When others joined us, we were kind of surprised. (in a good way) We are not anyone special. We are just two people trying to raise our kids and live a life as full as possible.  But, I will admit, we are grateful for each of you.  You all…

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Hands around the neck. This blog post says exactly what I feel. Magic.

My Little Known Truth

Last night in bed I wondered aloud….what is it about having his hands around my throat that catapults me over that edge of sexual desire and excitement?

Does the fact that this excites me so much make me crazy, sick or perverted?

My Dom looked over in that sweet way he does, and reached over to grasp my throat in his strong, warm hand. “So,” he said, the deep timber of his voice a perfect compliment to my soft gasp, “tell me what this feels like.”

I lay under his hand my heart racing, gently arching against the weight at my throat. No matter the time of day, or where we are, when he puts his hand on my neck a fire ignites at the apex of my thighs.

It’s the possessiveness of the gesture, I am his. When he stands behind me as I kneel at his feet and…

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